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Dead Sea Plants

  • AHAVA Dry_Oil_Body_Mist_-_Cactus_&_Pink_Pepper 0.3340_86616165
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    Dry Oil Body Mist - Cactus & Pink Pepper

    A spray-on dry oil that provides skin with a new smoothness and enduring radiance, while pampering with a feminine scent.
  • AHAVA Dry_Oil_Body_Mist_-_Sea-Kissed 0.3340_86415065
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    Dry Oil Body Mist - Sea-Kissed

    Get glowing, radiant skin without the grease with this spray-on, dry oil, body mist, in the tranquil Sea-Kissed scent.
  • AHAVA Dry_Oil_Body_Mist_-_Prickly_Pear_&_Moringa 0.3340_86515065
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    Dry Oil Body Mist - Prickly Pear & Moringa

    A spray-on dry oil that provides skin with a new smoothness, with the mood-boosting scent of Prickly Pear & Moringa.
  • AHAVA Dry_Oil_Body_Mist_-_Mandarin_&_Cedarwood 1.0000_86615066
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    Dry Oil Body Mist - Mandarin & Cedarwood

    Spray-on hydrating mist of nourishing oils that recharges skin with softness and leaves a moisturizing glow.
  • AHAVA Precious_Desert_Oils 0.3360_86915065
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    Precious Desert Oils

    Desert Oil is a pure blend of Dead Sea Minerals and pampering desert plant oils to provide immediate nourishment.


    Dead Sea Plant extracts contain exceptional properties that naturally hydrate, pamper and nourish skin.

  • AHAVA Caressing_Body_Sorbet 0.4170_84115066
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    Caressing Body Sorbet

    With a refreshing cream-gel texture this body moisturizer provides skin with essential smoothing nourishment.
  • AHAVA Firming_Body_Cream 0.4250_84815065
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    Firming Body Cream

    A nourishing anti-aging cream that defines body’s contours and recovers lost skin firmness.
  • AHAVA Smoothing_Body_Exfoliator 0.3670_85015065
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    Smoothing Body Exfoliator

    Age-defying exfoliator with a blend of natural minerals, plant seeds and nut shells that promote skin clarity.