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Dead Sea Salt Sculptures

The mineral rich shores of the Dead Sea are
home to a breathtaking collection of naturally
occurring crystal salt coverings. It was this
natural wonder that led international artist,
Anat Eshed Goldberg, and AHAVA Board
Chairman, Arie Kohen, to collaborate on a
unique series of Dead Sea
salt sculptures.

Creating Art From Nature

To achieve her sculptures’ unique forms, Goldberg submerged her work into the Dead Sea waters until salt crystals grew, covering the forms with a thick crystalline coating. The result is a breathtaking collection of large-scale sculptures that are the perfect synthesis of visual artistry and nature.

AHAVA's Artistic Addition

Both AHAVA and Anat Eshed Goldberg share a deep admiration of the natural beauty that is the Dead Sea. AHAVA is honored to display a collection of Goldberg’s Dead Sea salt sculptures at our visitor center in Israel.