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Gift Sets

  • AHAVA Natural_Love_Essentials 1.0000_94111053
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    Natural Love Essentials

    Powered by the Dead Sea! Your AHAVA essentials for body and face, improve skin's clarity and complexion.
  • AHAVA Nature's_Touch 1.0000_94111059
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    Nature's Touch

    Fall in love with AHAVA's best-selling hand cream now available in three irresistible scents, perfect for gift-giving.
  • AHAVA Natural_Renewal 1.0000_94111056
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    Natural Renewal

    AHAVA’s full regimen of Extreme anti-aging skincare that leaves skin youthful-looking, refreshed and revitalized.
  • AHAVA Heart_of_Nature 1.0000_94111054
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    Heart of Nature

    Upgrade to Dead Sea mineral fueled hydration and expereince all the essentials needed for soft, glowing, hydrated skin.
  • AHAVA Mud-Rich_Moments 1.0000_94111049
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    Mud-Rich Moments

    Pamper yourself with the power of AHAVA's patented leave-on Dead Sea Mud. Limited edition value set.
  • AHAVA Kissed_by_the_Sea 1.0000_94111052
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    Kissed by the Sea

    Transport your senses to cool water freshness with hints of salty sea air with a Sea-Kissed fragrance. Limited edition value set.
  • AHAVA Mineral_Hand_Duo 1.0000_94111060
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    Mineral Hand Duo

    Double the joy with a duo of AHAVA'S best-selling Mineral Hand Cream. Limited edition value set.
  • AHAVA Mineral_Love_Trio 1.0000_94111046U
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    Mineral Love Trio

    A complete mineral body treat, AHAVA's nourishing Dead Sea Water collection. Gift yourself or anyone on your list. Perfect for travel!
  • AHAVA Mini_Travel_Set 1.0000_94111033U
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    Mini Travel Set

    This travel trio will leave your skin refreshed and rehydrated.
  • AHAVA Perfect_Mineral_Body_Trio 0.4400_94111037
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    Perfect Mineral Body Trio

    Experience soft, nourished skin with AHAVA favorites for hands, feet, and body.
  • AHAVA Purifying_Dead_Sea_Mud_Soap_&_Moisturizing_Dead_Sea_Salt_Soap_Duo 1.0000_RBUS081WB
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    Purifying Dead Sea Mud Soap & Moisturizing Dead Sea Salt Soap Duo

    An anti-bacterial soap that washes away grime, impurities, and excess oil from skin.

    Regular Price: $22.00

    Special Price: $20.00

  • AHAVA Sea-Powered_Radiance_Face_Set 1.0000_94111023
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    Sea-Powered Radiance Face Set

    A mix of high-performance, anti-aging skincare to awaken, uplift and pamper your skin for a refreshed, youthful appearance.
  • AHAVA Natural_Dead_Sea_Body_Mud_&_Natural_Dead_Sea_Bath_Salt_Duo 0.6560_94002032
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    Natural Dead Sea Body Mud & Natural Dead Sea Bath Salt Duo

    A set of AHAVA's best-selling mineral-rich Dead Sea body mud and 100% natural bath salts to relieve stress and reveal soft skin.
  • AHAVA Mix_&_Mask_Collection 1.0000_94202001
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    Mix & Mask Collection

    Indulge in a collection of AHAVA's best-selling masks, perfect for multi-masking!
  • AHAVA Scented_Hand_Cream_Trio 1.0000_94111036
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    Scented Hand Cream Trio

    Soften and give your hands the ultimate mineral-rich hydration needed with one of AHAVA’s best-selling hand cream, now in new-mood-boosting scents