Winter Bath & Body

How does your skin feel in winter?
Constantly wrapped in layers of clothes, exposed to dry cold and heat, or soaked in a hot bath…
the risk of our skin feeling dry and a bit miserable is considerably higher than in the warmer parts of the year.

 Do not despair, though! Below are 5 skin savers to keep your skin feeling amazing no matter the cold. 

The battles our skin fights in winter are different than its summer struggles. The outdoors air is cold, sometimes freezing, the indoors dry and heated – two different environments our skin needs to adjust to and switch between numerous times a day.

What does our skin need to perform at its very best in winter? Protect it with lipids during the day – it's time for richer textures! Add some extra care for deeper hydration and nourishment with a mask before bedtime and, of course, a special dose of vitamins every chance you have!

So, which AHAVA products do we recommend adding to your winter skincare cabinet?

1. Nourishing Mud Wash

Dermud™ Replenishing Body Wash has a silky soft, creamy texture to gently cleanse your skin while respecting the natural skin barrier. Soothing and comforting sensitivities and irritations, it's your perfect shower partner for the chilly season!

2. Superfood Full
of Nutrients

Smoothing Body Lotion - Kale & Turmeric absorbs so quickly, yet leaves you with a smooth, silky feeling that lasts and lasts. No greasy nuisance! Lightest texture, lightest fragrance, richest superfood nutrition for your winter skin.

3. Natural Minerals All Over

If you prefer an indulgently rich texture, Dermud™ Nourishing Body Cream is here to provide all-day-long intense hydration and soothe any discomfort and irritations dry skin can cause. The Dead Sea mud incorporated into the patented formula is your skin's perfect daily dose of natural essential minerals!

4. Probiotics for Your Feet

Balanced microbiome makes happy feet! Winter hardly gives our feet any breathing time and the balance gets easily disturbed. Our Probiotic Foot Cream is a rich, beautifully scented formula that protects your feet's skin barrier, repairs cracks, and keeps them soft and smooth.

5. Hands Full of Minerals

Dermud™ Nourishing Hand Cream is your ultimate hand cream. Like the rest of our Dermud collection, it contains the Dead Sea mud with its potent minerals that will provide your skin with intense nourishment. This rich, yet non-greasy hand cream will soothe and repair, prevent dryness, and leave your hands healthy and silky smooth through the cold season.