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Our C+ serum is power-packed with concentrated, stable vitamin C technology that ensures its optimal function and helps it do its magic - stimulate collagen, protect against free radical attacks and lighten skin's complexion. Enriched with Osmoter™ and a blend of antiaging pro-vitamin B5, B3, and vitamin D precursor, this is your perfect formula for firm, smooth, and luminous skin!

Clinically Proven

the secret

that will make your skin glow

Vitamin C, the powerhouse ingredient every woman needs in her beauty routine. What will this game-changer do for your skin?

Strengthen your collagen, combat the effects of environmental stressors like pollution and UV rays, lighten pigmentation, boost detox processes, reduce wrinkles… to have you reveal firmer, smoother, and more resilient skin that just shines with health and vitality!


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Firms and tightens
the skin

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Revives dull skin

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Evens skin tone and enhances radiance

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Protect against free radical attacks

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Meet Osmoter™, the mirAclE INGREDIENT from the Dead Sea

...and pair it with your Vitamin C! Osmoter™ will provide maximum delivery and magnify the effect of Vitamin C. What's the magic? Science and the Dead Sea.

Osmoter™ is a unique blend of natural Dead Sea minerals (proprietary to AHAVA) and a key ingredient in all our skincare. It creates perfect conditions for perfectly functioning skin. How?

When applied, its exceptional mineral concentration creates an osmotic pressure that draws nutrients from within your body and supplies them throughout all layers of your skin. This level of nutrient distribution is otherwise impossible to achieve via topical application. It stimulates natural, own-to-skin production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other compounds, leaving skin strong and healthy. And healthy skin uses Vitamin C to bits!

MultiVitamin C+ Serum

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MultiVitamin C+ Serum


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