Environmental Responsibility

Water Purification System

We believe in taking responsibility for our environmental impact. Our factory is located on the shores of the Dead Sea, which presented a challenge for connecting to the regional water and sewage system. Prior to 2005, the water from our sewage system was drained into a designated pit that required regular emptying. To address this issue, we consulted with global wastewater experts and decided to construct seven bio-ecological pools to naturally filter and and purify the water from the factory. The water goes through each of the 7 pools to ensure complete purification. The tiered pool system utilizes local vegetation, mainly reeds, to filter and purify the water, breaking down toxins and industrial waste from our production line. After completing the filtration process, the water is returned to the environment as irrigation water for our own oasis botanical garden. Additionally, our unique purification process has allowed us to introduce an eighth pool that serves as a water source for migrating birds in the area. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and our steps to minimize our environmental impact. At AHAVA, we continuously explore innovative solutions to preserve the delicate balance of the Dead Sea region for generations to come.
Here's an extraordinary detail: old nomadic tribes, who lived in our region, were very innovative when it came to preserving the precious little water they had access to in this part of the world. We studied their customs and made a point of implementing some of these into our water purification philosophy.

Our Birds' Habitat

We strive to create a sustainable habitat for the birds that migrate through the Great Rift Valley, which we call home. Our factory is surrounded by vegetation and renewed water sources created by us that provide food and clean drinking water for these beautiful creatures. As the Dead Sea lies in the heart of the Great Rift Valley, many birds rest around our factory, making it a world-renowned destination for bird-watching enthusiasts. With the construction of our water pools, we've seen a significant increase in the number of bird species passing through the area, which has inspired us to build a bird observatory for guests who want to observe the variety of migrating birds that come to our region. Out of our love for birds and nature, we decided to explore the birds’ environment through the process of bird ringing: an important tool in bird research that enables individual identification of each bird when studying the bird population. Bird ringing plays a significant role in many studies and is one of the ways humans have found to track bird migration. By exploring the birds' environment and identifying the different species that have been spotted around our factory, we can ensure their well-being and continue to create a haven for them to rest and recharge during their journey. Come and experience the wonder of AHAVA's bird-friendly habitat and witness the beauty of the birds that call it home.
Fun fact: Several times a year, we sponsor ornithologists - that to me and you would be bird experts - to come to our bird sanctuary to study them as well as ring them. Ringing birds allows these scientists to follow their migration routes and cater to their activities to better their well-being. The ornithologists monitor ringed birds around the world with bespoke applications. Last year we were reported that one of “our” birds had been watched as far away as Ukraine, which is 3,000 kilometers from us.

Radiant future: The role of solar energy at AHAVA

Have you ever wondered about the sustainable efforts AHAVA is making to better our planet? Picture this: A state-of-the-art solar system busily generating energy on a sun-drenched day. This innovative and transformative system is now at the heart of our operations, allowing us to minimize our carbon footprint and positively contribute to environmental preservation. Incredibly, through this endeavor, we are able to supply most of the electricity required by our operations. This testament to our capacity further demonstrates the significance of renewable energy in practical application. For us, sustainability is not just a passing thought. It's a core principle that permeates all aspects of our business. Our commitment to renewable solar energy reiterates our relentless pursuit of responsible business practices and environmental stewardship. We are immensely proud to embark on this journey towards a cleaner, greener future. We hope that our venture ignites a spark in others and encourages them to undertake similar initiatives for our Earth's future.
Did you know? Despite popular belief, solar panels don't need intense heat to produce electricity - they need light. So, even on cooler, clear days, our system can produce ample energy. This technology truly illustrates the incredible potential of renewable energy and the advanced science behind harnessing the sun's power.