Social Responsibility

From Sea to Store - AHAVA’s Future Generation

We are invested in building a better future for our community. That's why we are proud to offer our Sea-to-Store program for young entrepreneurs for over 15 years and counting. Our program is all about empowering the next generation of innovators by teaching them about the incredible natural resources endemic to the Dead Sea. From learning about the essential elements found in this unique area to exploring the wonders of science and industry, our program gives sixth graders the tools they need to one day become successful entrepreneurs. Our students get an exclusive look at our factory and the entire production process in this one-year program. They get hands-on experience in everything from cream manufacturing to quality control and product packaging. Plus, they get to hear from professionals in the industry about topics like research and development, operations and marketing. But it's not just about the factory. Our program is designed to give our students a holistic view of the world around them. They get to witness the mining of raw materials, explore the natural environment, and learn about sustainability and conservation. At the end of the year, they get to present the amazing products they have created, some of which have become staple products in our amazing skincare offering. If this does not constitute a circular economy, we do not know what does. We believe that investing in education and entrepreneurship is the key to a brighter future. By giving young people the kills they need to succeed, we're ensuring that our community will continue to thrive for generations to come.

Here's an extraordinary detail: Did you know that the Dead Sea, where the young entrepreneurs in our Sea-to-Store program learn about incredible natural resources, is the most mineral-rich body of water in the world? Its mineral content is nearly 10 times that of regular seawater! This high concentration of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium, has been appreciated for thousands of years for their therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Even the Queen of Sheba used the Dead Sea as her private spa.

Charity Committee

Standing proudly at the crossroads of skincare excellence and social responsibility, we’re more than a skincare brand - we're a transformative force. Deeply rooted in the principles of social responsibility, our mission extends beyond skincare; we're about profoundly impacting lives. At the heart of our corporate social responsibility is our devoted charity committee. Our committee is a dedicated force to empowering organizations and initiatives that raise the status of women in society. We are committed to creating a world where every woman gets the respect and recognition she deserves. Our efforts aren't limited to verbal commitments; we translate our words into actions. By extending financial support and resources, we're fostering a society where inclusivity and empowerment for women are the norms, not exceptions. Our philanthropic commitment reflects the essence of AHAVA. It's about more than skincare for us. It's about making a genuine difference, touching lives, and creating waves of positive change in society. We believe in the power of skincare to transform not just the skin but also the world. We're not just a skincare brand - we're a force of good.

Fun Fact: Since we started, we've been showering love on various good causes. But two years ago, a call for donation from a women's empowerment organization had us rethink our game. Inspired, we decided to elevate our commitment to giving, making it one of our chief objectives. As a part of this initiative, we founded a dedicated committee overseen by a director and diligent members who tirelessly work around the clock to ensure our efforts positively uplift and empower as many individuals as possible.