Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we are here to guide you through our favorite gift options. Let's walk through the decades, talk about our luscious products and suggest their combinations to meet the budget that's just right for you.

Before we venture into skincare, though, there is one essential thing to decide first - body or face?

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Body Care

Is she a full-skincare-routine lady who has no interest in switching it around?
Offer some delicate care for the skin of her body.

Budget: $47

Give her AHAVA's ultimate body care experience wrapped in a festive box, our Work That Body set: shower gel, body lotion and hand cream from our Mineral collection will keep her skin hydrated and beautifully smooth all day long!

Budget: $103

Want more? Add in also our Mineral Foot Cream and Mineral Body Exfoliator for a fully enveloping experience.

Face Care

Does she have an adventurous side? Does she like to explore unknown skincare territories, is she a curious creature fond of little experiments? Let's dive into facial care.

She's 50+

Budget: $232

If she's a true adventurer and your budget allows you to really spoil her, let us offer a bit of a routine – a serum, a moisturizer, and a mask. For those who love a rich-texture moisturizer, combine Halobacteria Restoring Elasticity Serum & MultiVitamin Firming Massage Mask with the velvety rich Uplift Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF20. Should you have a lover of light textures on your hands, complete the trio with Halobacteria Restoring Nutri-Action Cream instead.

Budget: $143

If moisturizer is a gift too intimate (yes, some of us are eternally loyal to our favorite day cream!), leave it out and opt for the serum and the mask as a refreshing gentle addition to her skincare routine.

Budget: $80

Aiming to give a sole luscious bottle? Crystal Osmoter™ X6 Serum is our all-time champion, a fusion of luxurious anti-aging oils and the highest concentration of Osmoter™ yet.
For a lighter texture and a power-packed blend of vitamins, choose our newcomer, the MultiVitamin C+ Serum we have fallen in love with hopelessly ever since it was introduced.

She's in Her 40s

Budget: $213

Endless options! And so the first question to ask yourself, is her skin low on oil, or has she been calling it combination or oily her whole life? If she's low on oil, good chances she prefers rich textures even in summer and our Extreme line will be a bliss to her. For a truly indulgent, skin-firming gift, combine Extreme Day Cream, pRetinol™ Serum, and MultiVitamin Firming Massage Mask.

Budget: $213

If you've heard her say "combination" or "oily skin", the next question to ask yourself, has she started complaining about deepening wrinkles? If so, spoil her with our MultiVitamin Reviving Day Cream SPF30, pRetinol™ Serum, and Hyaluronic Acid Leave-On Mask.

Budget: $197

If she's blessed with oily skin, she may have started recognizing it as a lucky inheritance just recently and she will love Osmoter™ Concentrate Smoothing Lotion, pRetinol™Serum, and Hyaluronic Acid Leave-On Mask.

Budget: $133

For a less extravagant gift, simply leave out the moisturizer from the above options!

Budget: $80

If you want to draw her focus to one luxurious skincare piece, MultiVitamin C+ Serum is perfect for the purpose!

She's in Her 30s

Budget: $225

Not your Mom, just a Mother to her child you want to celebrate with and spoil a little? If her children are very young, she might be feeling a little (or very!) tired and her skin might be looking less radiant than it used to. Spoil her with the perfect set of three - pRetinol™Serum, Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF20, and Age Control Even Tone Sleeping Cream. Then watch her brighten up in front of your eyes!

Budget: $146

...and without the lush serum for an easier budget.

Budget: $23

For a one-bag-full-of-little-surprises option, give her Fields of Gold and let her have a bit of fun trying our midi essentials.

Thousands of Five Star Reviews

Mineral Body Lotion

I really like the mineral body lotion. Use it all of the time. What not but a large size? If I want I can put some in a smaller size that I have; usually I do not. I use this cream all of the time. The cream is so great and is not greasy at all and has a great scent which is minimal. I really like purchasing straight from the Ahava site. Super fast delivery. Have been using this cream for many years and just love it and the other associated Dead Sea products. Great products and for this cream the larger size is great!


About Mineral Body Lotion

This is a fantastic product!

This is a fantastic product! It is very creamy and hydrating.


About Extreme Day Cream

I am in love

I am in love with this serum! am 73 yrs old i have being using Ahava for 10 yrs. no lines on my face or neck. my skin is hydrated and radiant!


I Love This Product

I love this product. I will never stop using it! It has smoothed out my skin and my skin looks younger with way less skin discolorations.


About pRetinol Serum

Restoring Cream

I love everything about this cream. My skin feels so furnished since I have started using the Ahava products. I would recommend this selection of restoring cream to everyone. Thank you Ahava for all your skin care products.


About Halobacteria Restoring Nutri-Action Cream

This Product Is the Best

This product is the best I've ever used. I'm 68 and my skin soaks it up like a sponge. I wear no makeup. Not needed. The minerals in this product reps the fountain of youth.


About Crystal Osmoter X6 Serum

Love It

As someone who swim's in the morning, this product is awesome for helping to keep my face from drying out. It's a thin lotion, so doesn't feel greasy, and my skin just soaks it up. I try to use it twice a week.


About Hyaluronic Acid Leave-On Mask

Renewal for Mature Skin

This is a wonderful addition to my skincare. My skin feels fresher, smoother and overall renewed with this easy to apply mask. I definitely recommend the mask and also the serum.


About MultiVitamin Firming Massage Mask